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Our prices are typically $1200.00 to $1600.00.

 Depending on coat / sex and color.

Our puppies cannot leave here until they are 8 weeks old.

Please do not send money without getting in touch with me first. 352-483-7488

We will have a litter coming in  the first week in January Actually there will be 2 litters. Penelope and Wilbur will be the parents of the first litter. The parents of the second litter will be Naudia and Wilbur. There is a waiting list for Naudia's litter.

 We have puppies. They were born Nov. 7, 2022. The parents are Amber and Wilbur. Wilbur is a hidden dapple and Amber is an EE red. They are pictured below. There are 2 females and 4 males. They can go home on January 3rd, 2023. 




This is Amber. She is so sweet. She is shy with strangers. She weighs about​ 13 pounds. 

This is Wilbur. He meets no strangers. Great with everybody He weighs 13 pounds.

This little female is a red piedbald. She is so cute. 


I am going home with Elijah!

This little girl is a cream piedbald. She looks like her brother.                                 I am going home with Ron and Pam. 

This is a male. He is a creamy red or an EE red.

I am going home with Scott.

This puppy is a male. He is a cream piedbald. He is going home with Mike and Carol.

This is the smaller creamy red or EE red. He is a male and he is going home with Brian and his family.

This male is a black and tan dapple.

He is going home with Dagan!

PayPal deposit of $207 can be sent to [email protected]

If you do not see a puppy, you like you can check with Lil at